“You are what you…”

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Well Hello!

With family in town is kind of hard keeping organized but thankfully I have a 9-5 job (for now) that keeps me away during the day so that I can actually get some work done and in that time I find little breaks in which I do this :)

As I mentioned here, I had class Friday night and Saturday morning. Although I love waking up early because I love how it feels when everyone else is asleep, there is something different about waking up to an alarm because you have to go to class! haha but, nonetheless I like it anyways. For class, I used to wear sweatpants and t-shirt when I was in high school but that just as “we are what we eat” I really think “we act how we dress”. If I want to lay around all day, sweatpants do the trick but if I want to get something done… this works best.

track pants, harem pants, prints, florals, stripes, cardigan, stiped cardigan, outfit, my style, online shopping


Teniendo a familia en la casa es poco dificil seguir con mi cronograma de trabajo pero por ahora tengo un trabajo de 9-5 que me obliga a no estar en la casa por el dia entonces puedo ser un poco productiva, ya que en momentos en los cuales no tengo nada que hacer… puedo hacer esto :)

Como lo dije aqui, este fin de semana tuve clases el Viernes en la noche y el Sabado en la manana. Aunque me gusta despertarme temprano porque me encanta como se siente cuando todo el mundo duerme, hay algo super diferente al despertarte gracias a una alarma porque tienes que ir a clases! jajaja pero de igual forma, me gusta despertar super temprano. Cuando estaba en el colegio, me encantaba ir con calentadores (sudaderas) a clases pero ahora, al igual que la gente dice que uno es lo que come, creo que uno actua como se viste. Si quiero estar tirada en la cama todo el dia, unos calentadores van super bien pero si en verdad quiero trabajar… algo asi funciona mucho mejor.

track pants, harem pants, prints, florals, stripes, cardigan, stiped cardigan, outfit, my style, online shoppingtrack pants, harem pants, prints, florals, stripes, cardigan, stiped cardigan, outfit, my style, online shopping

Yea, I make funny faces when I have my picture taken. I find it very uncomfortable.

Me da mucha verguenza que me tomen fotos, y estas caras me salen muchisimo!track pants, harem pants, prints, florals, stripes, cardigan, stiped cardigan, outfit, my style, online shoppingtrack pants, harem pants, prints, florals, stripes, cardigan, stiped cardigan, outfit, my style, online shopping

Pants: XOXO (Macys, similar here)  Top: Old- J.Crew  Cardigan: Here

Do you think we “Act as we Dress” ?

Creen que uno “Actua como se Viste” ?

Come back tomorrow, for a new series!!

Vengan manana ya que va a ver una nueva serie en el blog!

Xo, Belen
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Life: New Book

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Yes, yes, I’m talking about a book again. Sorry! Last time, I did a book review about a book I read for fun so it’s time to get down to business and read some academic books. I’ve heard about the attention span of our generation getting shorter and shorter and I have recently experienced it. I don’t support it, at all. I experienced it while reading the first chapter of this book and I’m not letting our crazy brain win.

So, about the book. It’s called “Lean Thinking” and nope, it’s not about nutrition haha. As some of you know, I’m getting my masters in business administration with a specialization in entrepreneurship (small business) so, this book is all about business and effective management. I’ve read the first chapter and I love it. I’m a business junkie. oopsies! Business consulting services, here I come!

Well, the first thing I learned was the word: muda. Japanese for waste. Companies create so much avoidable waste. The reason is simple: there is no transparency is business. Everyone wants to out-do the next person and let me tell you, that attitude is just not working. Often times, firms, typically manufacturing firms end up spending more than twice in producing a part just because they have not had the minimum interest in what the downstream or upstream company is doing. They don’t ask because they want to keep their “Success” a secret. They want their “value-added” strategy to be just theirs but the truth is, if they asked, they could be making twice the money they are currently making by reducing time and cost.

Companies, are so, so invested in the financials and in the immediate needs of the upper management that they forget to take a look and analyze the day to day techniques and processes of creating the product the customer wants and needs.

All in all, transparency is the answer to many things in life. It always ends up like that. Transparency in a relationship is crucial. You want your partner to be honest, that way everything works out in the short and long term. In business, it’s no different.

Why do you think people/businesses are so greedy?

I hope you join me in my business talk. Let me know if you like posts like this :)

Xo, Belen

What I wore

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Good Morning and Happy Monday!

Hope everyone had a great weekend; I did :) I had class Friday and Saturday so I’m a little tired but it was still fun! Some of my family came into town and tonight my cousin arrives, so this will be a crazy week too. I kind of like crazy. It keeps me moving. Keeps me focused.

Last Thursday, we attended a networking event and met some cool people from the Miami area. All very young and creative :) I posted a picture on my instagram about a little painting that was gifted to me; that’s the kind of creative I’m talking about. Cardboard, paint and a brush. Pretty cool!  This is what I wore:


Holaa! Buenos Dias!

Espero que todos hayan tenido un buen fin de semana. Yo tuve clases el Viernes y Sabado pero igual fue super divertido aunque estoy un poco cansada hoy! Ayer llegaron mis tios a la casa y hoy viene mi prima entonces esta semana tambien sera un poco loca jajaja pero en verdad me gusta loca. Me hace organizarme mejor.

El Jueves, fuimos a un evento de networking y conocimos a gente muy creativa :) En mi instagram puse una foto de un mini cuadro; carton, pintura y un pincel es lo unico que necesita alguna gente para ser super creativos. Super cool! Este fue mi look :)

DSC_0229 DSC_0233 DSC_0235DSC_0234 DSC_0236

How cool are the walls? They matched with my pants so, I just had to take pictures there!

Pants: here   Blouse: here  Sandals: Mom’s closet   Purse: Michael Kors

This button down is super comfy and I love the little tribal accents it has but, it’s a little sheer so I wear a nude tank top underneath :)

Xo, Belen

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Life: 3 Qualities for Success

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Ok. I apologize about this week’s crazy posting. Life posts are usually on Tuesdays but like I said here, this week was a little crazy, so I guess this week we have 2 “life” stories.

On Wednesday, I started classes again (I’m almoost done. yay!) and for the 1st class, my professor asked us what qualities we thought every entrepreneur or every professional should possess. Of course everyone said: intelligence, vision, drive, energy, etc. and then I think someone said, success can’t be taught, it’s in you.

Well, my professor then picked the 3 top qualities, he has seen prevail through-out his entire career and he numbered them like this:

1. Passion

2.Work Hard

3.Work Smart

“With passion comes persistence but you have nothing if you don’t work hard but it doesn’t matter if you work smart if you don’t work smart”  he said.  Genius. It’s actually real simple, yet no one in the class ever mentioned “work smart”. Funny thing is, passion can’t be taught and your work ethic can’t be taught either so when the guy in the class said: “success can’t be taught” he was almost right. The only thing that can be taught is: the process of working smart.

work, androbel, business, business talk, online shopping, online store, polka dots, black, tops,


Perdon que esta semana he estado un poco loca con las entradas en el post. Normalmente los Martes hago los posts sobre la vida pero supongo que esta semana como les dije que iba a estar un poco loca, habran 2 jaja.

El Miercoles comenze clases otra vez (ya casi termino woooho) y para el primer dia de clases, nuestro profesor nos pregunto que cualidades pensabamos que eran necesarias para que una persona triumfe en el mundo de los negocios. Obviamente que todo el mundo en la clase dijo cosas como: inteligencia, vision, motivacion, enerfia, etc. y alguien en la clase dijo que el triumfo en los negocios no se puede ensenar.

De ahi, el profesor escogio 3 cualidades que el ha visto que han funcionado mas durante toda su carrera profesional, y las numero asi:

1. Pasion

2. Trabajar duro

3. Trabajar inteligentemente/ estrategicamente.

Y luego dijo algo asi: “Con pasion viene la persistencia, pero no se logra nada si no se trabaja duro pero al trabajar duro no consigues nada si no trabajas inteligentemente.” En verdad parece super simple pero por alguna razon, nadie en la clase mencione la caracteristica #3. Entonces, cuando el chico en la clase dijo que el triumfo en los negocios no se puede ensenar, estuvo casi 100% correcto. Lo unico que se puede ensenar son las estrategias de como trabajas.

work, androbel, business, business talk, online shopping, online store, polka dots, black, tops,work, androbel, business, business talk, online shopping, online store, polka dots, black, tops,

Top: Here  Shorts: Sold out (similar)

What do you think is the key to success?

Cual crees que es la clave del exito?

Have a great weekend and thank you for reading :)

Xo, Belen

A Day in Androbel: Lynn University Fashion Show


Sorry, I was missing yesterday… I’ve been working on some “Blogging” things. Hopefully everything works out!

On Tuesday, I attended Lynn University’s Annual Fashion Show. Lynn University is where I graduated college from and I love the school because it inspired me and made me believe in my dreams. I was so happy when they asked me if I would like to feature some Androbel’s clothing on the show! I met with the stylist, Aimee Austin a couple of times to get everything in order. I wasn’t able to take pictures with my camera but, the photographer at the show was able to capture some moments. Enjoy!

The first top, you might remember it from here :)
lynn university, fashion show, silk, tank top, modelHola! Perdon que ayer no estuve por aqui pero estaba haciendo algunas cosas sobre el blog. Espero que todo salga bien :)

El Martes estuve en el Fashion Show de Lynn University que fue donde me gradue de la Universidad y en verdad le tengo mucho carino porque fue el lugar donde me inspire y me ayudaron a creer en mis suenos. Cuando me pidieron si podia dar algunos productos de Androbel para usarlos me puse super feliz! Me reuni con la estilista Aimee Austin para poner todo en orden; no pude tomar fotos con mi camara pero aqui tienen algunas que tomo el fotografo del show. Disfruten!

La blusa de la primera foto, la vieron por primera vez aqui :)

Lynn university, fashion show, dress, purple dress, tribal print, modelI interviewed Aimee because when I met her she was so nice and I loved the way she worked so I wanted to learn a little more about her.

1. Why fashion? What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion means everything to me. No one knows how much dedication, passion, and motivation it takes to be in the fashion industry. I love how it’s something only people in the industry can understand. I’ve been into fashion since I was a toddler, I would glue fabric together to make outfits for my Barbies, and then when I went into High school I took fashion class, and learned how to sew. My first fashion show I was 15, and I made all my outfits with “recyclables”. I remember a made a skirt out of cut up soda cans and hot glue. Fashion is expression, personality, and confidence. Everyone wears sweats pants, jeans, or tank tops but to someone who is in the fashion world everything is another way of showing a different side of your, and everything has potential to do it, even sweat pants.

2. High fashion or everyday/street fashion?

I’m from Miami, so definitely STREET FASHION!

 3. What’s your dream job?

I want to be stylist. I don’t know of what yet(magazines,shows,,celebs,etc) but I’ll style everything and anything until I find out.

4. Where do you find inspiration?

I am from Miami and am from a mixed background so I have always been inspired by different cultures and my environment. Also by my mood some days I feel edgy and urban,other days I feel girly, and my mom has alot to do with it too. No one knows but majority of the time I am wearing things from her closet

5. And a fun question: mojitos or cosmopolitans?


lynn university, fashion show, model, lbd, black , black dress, dress, model, sexyThere you have it! You can find the pieces worn by the models, here: 1st. Picture: Tank Top   2nd. Picture: Dress   3rd Picture: Dress

Hope you enjoyed, Aimee’s interview. What’s YOUR dream job?

Espero que les haya gustado la entrevista con Aimee. Cual es TU trabajo ideal?

You can keep up with Aimee and her dreams, here

Happy Thursday! Xo, Belen


Life: Good Morning

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Good Morning!

I’ve tried juicing before. When it became the “it” thing to do to be “healthy” I tried it; I’ve done that 5-7 juices a day I think and maybe I was a little crazy. I mean, in the moment it’s torture but at the end of the day you feel amazing. Now, that I have gotten over the “it” thing, I still do it but I do it like a normal person.

Sometimes when I feel bloated or I’m having one of those “Ugh, I’m fat and ugly” days, I turn to my juicer in the mornings. Mornings are what sets our days apart from a good one or a bad one. I don’t know about you but I love GOOD days!

When I do my juices I always try to mix veggies with fruit because I don’t really like the taste of most vegetables. Here’s a recipe I did the other day.

  • - Cucumber
  • - Kale
  • - Orange
  • - Broccoli
  • - Apple

androbel, food, health, fitness, juice, juicing, veggies, fruit, lifestyle, miami, blogger

Buenos Dias!

He tratado muchas veces eso de “juicing” . Cuando se puso de moda, probe eso de tomar 5 o 7 jugos al dia para limpiar el sistema. Sueno super loco y la verdad es que en el momento es una tortura pero al final del dia, se siente riquisimo! Ahora que ya esta pasando de moda, sigo tomando bastante jugos pero ahora como una persona normal.

Aveces, cuando me siento inchada o solamente me siento “gorda y fea”, siempre cuento con mi maquina de jugos. Las mananas son lo que separan los buenos dias de los malos y no se ustedes pero prefiero mil veces los BUENOS dias!!

Cuando hago mis jugos, trato de mezclar frutas con vegetales porque en verdad no me gusta mucho el sabor de algunos vegetales. La siguiente es una receta del ultimo jugo que hice:

  • -Pepino
  • -Kale
  • -Broccoli
  • -Manzana
  • -Naranja


And the following is the result… It might sound crazy  and like a total lie but, whenever I drink a juice like this one in the morning, my day is full of energy and I tend to stay fuller through-out the day.

Y el resultado es el siguiente… Puede que suene como una mentira pero cada vez que tomo unos de estos jugos en la manana, mi dia esta lleno de energia y me mantengo mas llena que normalmente.

androbel, food, health, fitness, juice, juicing, veggies, fruit, lifestyle, miami, bloggerWhat do you do to keep your energy up?

Que hacen para mantener su energia?

Xo, Belen

Hippie & Old & New

DSC_0230 Hello Friends. It’s Monday and I feel nostalgic. I don’t ever want the weekend to end!!

On Friday, I rushed home, took a shower and went to dinner with my family. My brother was in town for Spring Break so we always try to do fun things when he’s here. After dinner, I met my girlfriends for drinks and what was planned to be a 1 or 2 drink kinda night, ended up in a full on night out haha. Love those kind of nights.

Anyway, when I put this outfit on, my sister told me “You look like a hippie, old & new person”. Yea, Hippie because of the pants, old because of the “mom” shoes and new because of the crop top. Who knows? Maybe I am 3 different kind of people. DSC_0231 Holaaa! Es Lunes y siento la nostalgia. jajaja nunca quiero que el fin de semana se acabe!!

El Viernes, despues del trabajo, fui a mi casa super rapido, me cambie y fui a comer con mi familia. Mi hermano estaba aqui por Spring Break y siempre tratamos de hacer cosas mas divertidas ya que viene por poco tiempo. Despues de comer fui con una amigas por unos drinks y lo que pensabamos que iba a ser una noche tranquila, termino siendo una super noche de diversion jaja. Me encantan esas noches.

Bueno, cuando me puse este outfit, mi hermana me dice “Pareces hippie, vieja y nueva” Hippie por los pantalones, vieja por los zapatos y nueva por la blusa “crop”. Quien sabe? Quizas soy una mezcla de 3 tipo de personas diferentes. DSC_0232



DSC_0236    How would you describe the way you dress?

Busy week ahead of me, keep up with all things Androbel on Instagram: @androbel

Xo, Belen